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Looking For Safe and Profitable Forex Trade Copier Service For Yourself or Your Clients?

Meet The FX Net! Forex Trading Strategy For Traders and Signal Providers Using Our Trade Copier Software.

Low Risk Great Return

About The FX Net Strategy

  • The FX Net is a fully automated algorithmic trading strategy for the MetaTrader 4 platform.

  • As the name of the strategy implies, we spread a net of trades (not averaging) when trading conditions are met, The strategy is almost always in the market.

  • The FX Net strategy run on the 28 pairs simultaneously seeking opportunities but trades with 1 micro lot for every 10k.

  • A very smart, combination of hedging with risk control and an advanced stop loss trailing mechanism to prune bad trades and maximize good ones.

  • Trade targets are optimized with dynamic calculation for each trade.

  • The strategy is trading on our $10k demo account using micro-lots (0.01 position size).

  • Since we provide a trade copier service, running it on demo provide better execution than live trading with no re-quotes.

  • Anyone can copy the trades to MT4 Live real money accounts.

  • If you copy these trading signals from a demo to a live account, then your live account will profit for real when the demo account grows.

  • It does not matter if signals come from a demo or real account.

  • What matters is if signals are winning.

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Below $10K

$3 15 Days Trial

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Copy our trades using our provided trade copier.

After your 15 day trial expires, your subscription will automatically renew for the monthly price of $69 $97, renewed every 30 days.



$3 15 Days Trial

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‌‌‌FREE 15 Days Trial

Copy our trades using our provided trade copier.

After your 15 day trial expires, your subscription will automatically renew for the monthly price of $297 $497, renewed every 30 days.


Above $30K


Please Reach To Us

In order to keep the strategy safe, service will be no longer available to public once predetermined investment quota is filled!

Updated Investement Quota83%

$ 1997

$ 597

$ 197

$ 69

Estimate price schedule


Trade All Markets and All Account Size

The FX Net thrives on big accounts with big leverage, but can be traded on small as $3000 accounts.

4 digits / 5digits support

Seamless trade copying from our 5 digit master accounts to any 4 digit follower account.

Reliable Trade Copier

We are fast! A single pip won’t be dropped on the way!

Parallel Monitored Servers

The FX Net Algorithm is running in a monitored servers, with backup server standby all the time, ready to follow up with all open orders.

Participation in Hedge Funds Accumulation / Distribuition Phases

During a bull market, the accumulation phase starts when the informed investors (experienced traders and institutions) are usually entering their positions. We use hedging to cover our risk against a prolonged accumulation phases. Once price exits the accumulation phase and the new trend is starting to become visible, then the public participation phase begins. More and more investors join the trend and drive prices higher. Usually, the public involvement phase is accompanied by real economic data. The longer the trend lasts, the more investors will enter such a market, and this is also the stage where so-called ‘trend-following’ or ‘momentum’ traders will get signals from their trading methods to enter.

During the excess phase, the ‘smart money’ starts to unwind their positions because such markets are fragile and things can become hectic and extremely volatile. A trader should always be aware of the warning signals of this phase, such as significant downward pressure, increasing volatility, deeper pullbacks and when upwards trend waves lose their power. Our system uses baskets of trades that is designed to unload all our trades during the excess phase. This is our time to get profit and wait for next cycle. The distribution phase is then the origin and the initial phase of a bear market – opposite to the accumulation phase. Whereas the informed investors unwound their long positions during the excess phase, they will now enter new short positions during the distribution phase. At this stage, the market tends to be overbought, although the uninformed traders still believe that more bullishness is on its way.

Latest news

Beta strategy v1.24.12 and server stability are tested reliable.

Final parallel standby server auto transition is being tested.

Launch date on the 20th of May 2020

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